Added Value Services

You may have already undergone an Accounts Payable Audit to examine your historical supplier expenditure and recover payment errors. Talk to us about how our Accounts Payable Added Value Services can keep things on the healthiest of financial footings for you.

Error Prevention

To avoid accounts payable errors creeping back in after a completed audit, our Error Prevention Service will mean you’re able to stop payments and reverse entries on a daily basis, ensuring all anomalies are corrected prior to them affecting your business in any way.

Statement Reconciliation

Liaising with suppliers, we will reconcile open items on your supplier and client ledger and cleanse your client database.

Analytics & Management Reporting

Our dedicated Accounts Payable Audit Team will analyse your spend to highlight areas and processes that can be improved. All our recommendations are presented in our Financial Information Report for Management (FIRM).

The FIRM report covers the following areas:

  • Supplier spend
  • Transaction volumes
  • Stratifications
  • Payment distributions

Supplier Risk Analysis

To help you stay on top of any potentially fraudulent activity, we will conduct a full review of all your suppliers, from the supplier details you hold, providing you with the right data to spot anything untoward.


Our dedicated Accounts Payable Audit Team will train your staff to deal with any challenges/queries from your suppliers, basing our programme on the kinds of issues your team regularly faces.


To provide you with a complete picture of how your Accounts Payable Department is performing, we will compare your internal statistics with other companies within our intelligence database who operate the same ERP system, manage a similar spend overall and employ a similar number of people.

Do you have a question about your accounts payable issues? Feel free to get in touch with our expert team and they can arrange a preliminary meeting to suggest the most appropriate services for your business.