IT Software Asset Audit

The Software Asset Management (or SAM) suite is a modular suite of data collection, inventory and analysis tools under an umbrella of managed services, tailor-made to meet your challenges. They use both in-house specialist tools and software applications, working with one of the world’s leading Software Asset Management (SAM) providers.

Our partnership with you in managing your software estate will see us become an extension of your internal team, in collaboration across the total lifecycle of your devices and users.

Spend Management

Every organisation providing technological solutions to their customers, or with many employees, will have a complex and costly software estate to manage, potentially across thousands of devices.

The advent of mobile devices, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and other cloud-based services has made this even more complex and also decentralises this - moving some of the spend away from the IT team and creating a "shadow IT" unsupervised commitment.

By deploying agents, the information of usage can be gathered and collated, providing visibility and control of the actual organisational exposure.

Spend Intelligence

We’ll provide you with KPI reporting, allowing true cost visibility, deeper insight and better informed business decisions, key for IT leaders to inform digital transformation activities.

We’ll work with you to enhance Spend Awareness within your organisation and the ability to push the accountability for software costs down throughout your organisation to the cost centre managers and service users.

Procurement and Sourcing

We’ll work together to ensure that any purchasing decisions are made in the most effective manner possible.

We can provide fulfilment of such requests by referring to a leading software partner, to ensure you get the best deal possible for your organisation.

Consulting and Strategic Transformation

Digital Transformation is a key topic for IT leadership, with the demands of the organisation needing to be built upon a solid foundation of known software usage.

Extending the use of your ERP system such as Oracle or SAP without clear understanding of the license implications is a common pitfall we can help you navigate around.

We can support such initiatives by helping to shape the licensing options to best fit for you.

Training and Development

We can deliver bespoke training for your own team, to ensure that any common problems are avoided and a good understanding of the implications of licensing models can be provided within the IT Development organisation.

Contact us to discuss a telecoms issue you’re facing with a member of our team? We’ll make sure the solution is the best one for your business, to place your IT estate on the healthiest of financial footings both now and in the future.