The Issue

Software licensing for most SMEs and Corporates is a complex challenge, with software suppliers increasing use of audits exposing organisational inefficiencies and resultant unplanned payments.

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides an insight critical for IT leaders seeking to align themselves to business goals such as Digital Transformation, based on a detailed understanding of all technology usage, especially cloud.

The Approach

Using our many years of audit experience and leading software tools, we can be your trusted partner in this minefield, providing you with the confidence to survive any audit, and the confidence that your expensive and pervasive software is being put to work most efficiently.

Either as a point-in-time support need in reaction to a software vendor audit demand, or a need for a snapshot for due diligence purposes, our IT Software Asset Audit can provide you with the ability to react accurately to such events.

If a longer term solution is a better fit for your organisation, then the IT Software Asset Management Service will provide the ability to harvest and re-use expensive licenses as your organisation flexes in size, reducing the risk of over-subscription.


The expertise gathered over 25 years of looking deeper into our clients’ telecoms & IT spend has secured over £244m in refunds and savings . We only partner with the best specialists in the industry and will provide you a single point of contact for all these services.