Your Industry - Education

Your Challenges

Universities & Colleges continue to feel the pinch of austerity measures, with Energy Managers at the same time facing the challenge of reducing carbon emissions and increasing sustainability through investment in new, more efficient technology.

How is it possible to reconcile the two?

Our Solutions

Undertaking an Energy Cost Recovery Audit is a zero risk way to give your electricity, gas and water expenditure a clean bill of financial health and return cash to your organisation. Keep things in peak condition with our Open Energy Consulting offer, which includes our own in-depth Invoice Validation Service, to identify errors on the spot.

Investing in new technology? A Cost Recovery Audit could go a long way to funding your new initiative, with our Site Works supporting alongside. This will ensure that tools, systems, supply and controls are all designed with your unique needs in mind and then all delivered on time and within budget.

Unsure where to start? An Energy Strategy Plan, formulated in collaboration with our team will secure the ideal route to transform your estate.

Our Track Record

By looking deeper into expenditure in the education sector, we’ve delivered over £7.2m in recoveries and savings since 1993, the equivalent of 170 extra university lecturers, or 20,500 new interactive whiteboards.

Universities and Colleges can access our services quickly and simply through the TEC (The Energy Consortium) framework.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like more information on the TEC framework or any of our services.