Meet the PCMG Team

Martin Chitty, Director of Energy Analysis

Joining PCMG in 2007 and leading a team of 8 analysts, Martin is one of the UK’s leading experts in regulatory costs within the energy industry. Martin is a strong advocate of major energy users in his work within the MIG (Methodology Issues Group), DCMF (Distribution Charging Methodology Forum) and various DCP (DCUSA Change Proposal) workgroups.

Adam Metcalfe, Manager, Telecoms Analysis

Adam joined in 2005 and heads up a team of 8 telecoms analysts, working on some of the UK’s biggest Telecoms users on their Private Circuit bills. Adam has personally recovered over £20m in his time at PCMG, and implemented annual savings of approximately £2.5m. Adam holds a 1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics.

Allan Slater, Head of Telecoms Managed Services

Allan has worked in Telecoms for 23 years, covering both the cable and mobile industries, with a focus on Information Technology, Project Management and Managed Services. Immediately prior to joining PCMG, Allan led the Telecoms Expense Management managed services offered by Vodafone Global Enterprise to the largest of global multi-national corporations.

Bruno Roperto, Head of Accounts Payable Audit

Bruno is a CIMA Qualified Accountant and leads PCMG’s Accounts Payable Audit function, joining the company in 2014. Previously, Bruno served as Head of AP shared service centre for Wessex Water, Orange & Hutchison Pager and Lloyds TSB.


Corporate Governance / International


Martin Hook, Managing Director, Ayming UK

Martin joined Ayming UK in 2011 and is based at our London offices. His appointment as Managing Director of Ayming UK follows previous roles with Achilles, Dell and IBM. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Hervé Amar, President of Ayming

Hervé holds a diploma in Business Management and Analysis. Formerly the Managing Director of F-Initiatives, he became Director of Innovation Funding at Ayming in 2001. He was named Managing Director in 2008 before becoming President of Ayming in January 2014.