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“Ayming’s reassuringly comprehensive approach made the process of making our first R&D tax credit claim straightforward and hassle-free. We are delighted with the result Ayming has achieved for us."


-  Lesley Hammond, Finance & HR Director, 8build

The Projects

To win work on high value projects in prestigious London department stores and landmark museums, R&D and innovation has formed an integral part of 8build’s business. This is integrated at every stage, from early preparation of tenders through to the delivery and construction of complex builds.

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

66 Porchester Road

8build was commissioned to build an additional two storeys on top of an existing four storey building. Construction had to be carried out whilst the rest of the building was still occupied, and with temporary works overhanging an active railway line. To overcome the challenging conditions, 8build developed a sophisticated cantilever scaffolding design. 8build’s bespoke solution represented a genuine technological advancement to existing scaffolding practices in the industry.

UCL Wilkins Building

At the heart of this collection of fine art and historical artefacts, is an 18th Century two tonne statue of “Saint Michael overcoming Satan”. 8build was commissioned to construct a state of the art circular glass display case to protect this statue. The project represented a significant challenge because the case had to support the weight of the statue over a large oculus and provide clear viewing to the floor below. 8build developed a high tension glass display stand, which succeeded in being both visually stunning and pushing the technological boundaries of the application of glass in construction. Sophisticated calculations and design ensured that not only did the structure support the two tonne load, but it was also resilient enough to transfer the load across.

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team successfully compiled and submitted three claims for 8build, identifying over £6,500,000 of eligible R&D.

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About 8build

8build is a leading specialist in the construction industry for complex fit out, refurbishment and new build solutions.