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As a leading communications services provider, KCOM Group’s telecommunications network costs are one of its largest outgoings. While the company does have internal processes in place to help monitor and manage these costs and identify overpayments, KCOM Group wanted to ensure its telecoms data was being thoroughly analysed.

KCOM Group therefore contacted us to carry out a specialist audit of its historical billing data, which spanned six years’ worth of files, mainly relating to its main telecommunications network supplier. This latest audit followed on from an audit we’d carried out in the past, in which we’d identified over £1 million in refunds and almost £135,000 in savings.


Working alongside KCOM Group’s in-house cost verification team, we managed the entire process of collating the historical information, which spanning 400,000 lines of data.

The data was supplemented with relevant information from our extensive in-house database of historical and tariff structures, to ensure there were no information gaps. 

With a full set of data to hand, our team of specialists then carried out a detailed line-by-line audit of all of the bills to identify any discrepancies.

Once we’d reported our findings to KCOM Group, we then set to work on recovering the costs on its behalf, which included collating evidence and negotiating with its main supplier.


As a result of enlisting our expertise, KCOM Group clawed back over £800,000 in refunds. We also negotiated almost £200,000 in on-going savings for them too.

Our specialists effectively acted as an extension to KCOM Group’s team. This ensured that everything we did, complemented the work that had already been carried out by KCOM Group’s staff, there were no duplications, and there was consistency and transparency throughout.

What’s more, as a result of our extensive experience, we’ve established strong relationships with the vast majority of communications providers over the years. This meant we immediately knew who to contact to negotiate the refunds and savings, which enabled us to get KCOM Group’s refunds back sooner.

Our dedicated team of specialists worked closely alongside KCOM Group’s in-house team, from start to finish.

Not only did this mean that we were extremely easy to work with, the entire process was as seamless and straightforward as possible and carried out in line with the company’s existing processes and procedures. Ultimately, we provided KCOM Group with the short-term additional resource they needed to unlock the full refunds and savings potential from their historical telecoms billing data.

  • Over £1 million in refunds
  • Almost £135,000 in savings

"PCMG’s specialist telecoms cost recovery expertise is second to none. Its findings have enabled us to further drive down our costs and complemented our in-house cost recovery process."

Mike Wardell - Finance Director, KCOM Group plc

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KCOM Group is a leading provider of communications and IT solutions for both consumer and business markets across the UK. Its services are designed to help its clients improve their customer experience, become more competitive and quickly respond to changing market conditions.

"We see PCMG as an extension to our team, bringing value and expertise that would otherwise be unavailable."

Mike Wardell - Finance Director, KCOM Group plc