Telecoms Cost Recovery - Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust


The Trust accessed PCMG’s service via the NHS Framework [ref 2012/S 103-172939], with the aim of identifying hidden billing errors and generating further savings. The Trust provided a letter of authority and a list of their accounts, PCMG were then immediately able to begin the analysis process.


PCMG’s data collation specialists obtained billing data from the supplier. PCMG’s analysts carried out a detailed line-by-line analysis of this data, which included voice, data, private circuits and maintenance charges.

In order to identify overpayments, these charges were validated against PCMG’s unique pricing database which includes over 15 years of industry pricing data.


The analysis process was completed within 8 weeks, PCMG then prepared a detailed report of the identified refund claims and saving recommendations, which was presented to the Trust.

Once the Trust gave authorisation, PCMG contacted their suppliers with details of the claims which included pricing discrepancies, misapplied discounts and duplicated maintenance rental costs.

PCMG then handled negotiations with the suppliers until the refunds were secured and the savings implemented.

  • £162,000 refunds obtained
  • £39,000 annual savings implemented

"PCMG delivered a highly detailed analysis of our Telecommunications expenditure which resulted in significant savings without any risk or up-front costs for the Trust."

Colin Mounsey, Telecommunications & Accommodation Manager Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

Royal united hospitals bath

The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust occupies a 52-acre site about 1½ miles from Bath city centre. This leading acute hospital spends approximately £145,000 per annum on their PSTN calls and lines with BT.