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Utilities Cost Recovery - London Borough of Lewisham


With a diverse estate including office buildings, leisure facilities and schools, energy is an important overhead that is actively managed by the council. In-house initiatives include green energy purchasing, energy efficiency and cost reduction exercises. The council engaged with PCMG to access specialist expertise in the area of pass-through charges within their historical electricity and gas expenditure.


The Analysis Process

The council provided PCMG with a selection of invoices covering 6 years. These were supplemented with data obtained directly from the council’s suppliers and information sourced from industry third parties such as their distribution and metering companies.

A painstaking line-by-line analysis was carried out by PCMG uncovering 38 refund and saving opportunities across 20 major locations. These findings were compiled into a detailed report.


Once the council had reviewed the findings and agreed to proceed, PCMG initiated the cost recovery process with their suppliers, providing detailed evidence packs including calculations and relevant industry data.

All refunds across electricity and gas were secured within 6 months of the findings being presented to the council, and the remaining future saving opportunities were implemented shortly after.

  • £75,000 refunds acheived
  • £15,500 annual savings implemented

"PCMG have achieved significant refunds and savings for the council through an in-depth analysis of our historical pass-through costs"

Peter Gibbs, Energy Manager, London Borough of Lewisham

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