Utilities Cost Recovery - University of Bristol


As an internationally-renowned research university, the University of Bristol has a significant estate to manage and optimising energy consumption and generating savings is an on-going priority. At the time of contacting us, the university was spending £5 million on its electricity and £2.6 million on its gas bills each year.


Historical Cost Recovery

We were tasked by the university to review its historical and current energy pricing to see if there were any opportunities to a) recover historical payments and b) reduce costs going forward.

Our team of specialists conducted a comprehensive energy cost recovery audit that involved collating six years’ worth of historical energy bills from the university’s suppliers, as well as third party data.

We carried out a detailed analysis of all aspects of the university’s gas and electricity prices.

We analysed 29,686 bills and 150,125 lines of data relating to the university’s gas and electricity bills for 18 of its main sites and 255 of its smaller sites.


Not only did we identify and obtain significant refunds for the university and enable it to continue to generate on-going valuable savings for its main campus going forward, we made history in the process.

As the UK’s leading cost recovery specialists,  we leveraged our industry insight to reconfigure how the university’s meters were set up on site, which essentially involved us restructuring its physical energy supply. As a result of this technical change, the university was able to continue to save on its electricity bills without being impacted by the revised electricity distribution charges, which came into force in April 2012. At the time, this pioneering method was an industry first and had never been implemented by anybody before.

  • £435,408 in annual savings
  • £9,745 in refunds secured

"PCMG has a unique and innovative approach to energy cost analysis. They were able to identify a significant saving using their in-depth knowledge of the UK’s energy networks and related policies."

Dr. John Brenton, Sustainability Manager

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The University of Bristol is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK. In 2016, it was ranked as being one the top 50 universities in the world in the QS World University rankings.