31 August 2017

Forensic Auditing Approach pushes PCMG past the £400m Recovery Mark for Major Organisations

Industry-leading operating cost consultancy PCMG has reached another major milestone with its recoveries for clients passing the £400 million mark.

With an ever-growing customer base, PCMG has audited more than 50 per cent of the FTSE 100 and its results have led to large-scale recoveries for big businesses and organisations across all sectors.

The company uses highly-specialist expertise and a forensic auditing approach to bills in order to reduce operating costs and improve overall performance in the areas of energy, telecoms, water and accounts payable.

Established in 1993, PCMG has almost 25 years of knowledge-gathering in the business, analysing and sourcing data, using a range of specialist tools.

Managing Director Jenny Draper joined the business in early 2016 and since then recoveries amounting to £100m have been secured.

She said: “Passing the £400m mark is another notable milestone in the continuing growth of PCMG and the industry-leading reputation we have earned over the years is down to a number of key business strengths that we continue to display and develop.

“They include our expert and dedicated team’s in-depth knowledge of billing and regulatory policy, coupled with their professionalism and willingness to continue to develop their knowledge and expertise.

“Members of our teams sit on national advisory panels, influencing policy and regulations, such as non-commodity charges for energy.

“Then there are the positive working relationships that we foster with our clients throughout all our projects. Working closely with them as part of their team, we are able to deliver meaningful information and results.

“Coupled with that are the strong relationships we have built and continue to support and nurture with suppliers in the energy, telecoms, water and accounts payable sectors.

“These different elements, together with our ‘deep dive’ ethos, all add up to an approach that works and delivers for our clients.

PCMG is a world-class operating cost consultancy, based in Blackpool, Lancashire. By looking deeper below the surface, recoveries have now surpassed £400m for clients to date.

Part of Ayming (www.ayming.com), Europe’s leading business performance consultancy. with over £1bn recovered for clients across the group in 2016 and operating in 16 global markets, we have over 30 years’ experience, with audits delivered in more than 30 countries.

Visit PCMG’s website at www.pcmg.co.uk or email on [email protected]