31 July 2017

Telecom Expense Management: Business is making the right call

Leading operating cost consultancy PCMG is expanding its Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service to meet growing demand from major businesses across the UK.

The Blackpool-based group, which harnesses its teams’ highly-specialist expertise to reduce operating costs and improve overall bottom-line performance in the areas of telecoms, energy, water and accounts payable, believes TEM is becoming a key boardroom issue for large organisations and a significant area of growth for the business.

The global TEM market is expected to rise to almost $5bn by 2024, according to analysts, driven by increased expenditure and the rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

PCMG says growing numbers of companies are utilising TEM as the continuing rise of mobile technology, combined with cloud computing and the increasing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI), also adds to the complexity of cost control.

PCMG is now partnering with technology expert Asentinel to deliver a powerful, upgraded service following its recent merger with software expert Tangoe to create a global leader in the sector.

Allan Slater, who has 23 years’ experience in the telecoms sector, is spearheading PCMG’s ambitious TEM expansion plans. He says the demand for expense management solutions is growing.

He explained: “Managing telecoms estates and related costs can be challenging to businesses because of limited funding, internal resource issues and a lack of visibility of data.

“TEM enables visibility, control and management of telecoms assets and costs, allowing businesses to do their day job and focus on growth and development.

“PCMG is working with Asentinel, under its Tangoe brand to deliver a solution that solves the need for visibility and control across the full range of TEM activities.

“We are delivering a solution that provides an intelligent platform to support the management of inventory, provisioning and ordering, spend reporting, auditing and optimisation.

“The outcome of the work we carry out is to deliver savings to the bottom-line, whilst also providing contract management solutions for our clients. Combining a historical telecoms cost recovery audit from PCMG with an ongoing TEM solution really does produce results greater than the sum of its parts for our clients.”

He added: “Inventory management is just one of the challenges facing businesses today, the need to manage portable devices is increasingly important, especially in companies with multi-site operations and remote workers.

“It can be extremely difficult for companies to get a handle on the situation; we’ve come across one example of an individual in an organisation, who had 26 separate devices to their name.”

However, Allan says that TEM is more than just device inventory management and has expanded to include Cloud Services, IOT and SaaS, as growing numbers of businesses look to harness the benefits those technologies can bring.

Managed services and outsourcing also come with increasing cost control challenges.

Allan added: “We are delighted to be working with the newly-merged Asentinel and Tangoe operation; a company that will manage more than $38bn when it comes to IT and telecom spend.

“It’s a merger that has been welcomed throughout the industry, the biggest in the sector for a decade, and has created a clear market leader.”

Established in 1993, to date PCMG has recovered more than £300m for its clients, who operate across all sectors.

PCMG has audited over half of the UK’s 20 largest energy users, as well as more than half of the FTSE 100.

It uses its highly-specialist expertise to reduce operating costs and improve overall efficiency and performance in the areas of energy, telecoms, water and accounts payable.

PCMG has 25 years of knowledge-gathering in the business, analysing and sourcing data, using specialist tools and experts in the field to help businesses meet their challenges and recover costs or remove unnecessary expenditure.

PCMG can maximise your organisation’s liquidity by applying its highly-specialist expertise and forensic approach.