Electricity & Gas

Cost Recovery and Optimisation

Successfully managing your ongoing energy costs is a challenge, aggravated by several factors including shifting legislation, complex data and charging structures and an opaque supply market.

Talk to our team about how we offer an alternative, collaborative route to more traditional Energy Brokers, to build your own expertise to navigate the markets and manage costs.

The Issues

The biggest mistake in the world of energy billing is to assume everything is correct. Complex energy charging structures, particularly within the electricity market, inevitably produce a multitude of errors and many companies are slowly bleeding cash through errors rooted in the supply chain.

Our Approach

Our job is to redress this balance. By employing the leading specialists in this intricate area of cost management, we identify and stop cash flow leaks in their tracks, seek to recover historical overcharges and optimise future energy costs for businesses within all industries.


By looking deeper into our clients’ energy expenditure, focusing on non-commodity charging and leading regulatory change, PCMG has secured over £144m in refunds and savings for our clients since our company was founded in 1993. Our services can be accessed from a number of OJEU-compliant frameworks and we are regularly invited to speak at national industry conferences and seminars.