Available Capacity

What Is Available Capacity?

If you have HH (Half Hourly) electricity meters, Available Capacity (also referred to as ASC or Available Supply Capacity) can make up a significant proportion of your electricity costs.

Measured in kVA, the Available Capacity is related to the Maximum Demand and is essentially the amount of electricity the local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) is required to make available to your site at any one time.

How Can I Reduce My Available Capacity Costs?

If your maximum demand is significantly below your Available Capacity level, it may be possible for you to achieve a saving by reducing it. It is important to take into account fluctuating usage patterns, as well as levels of reactive power. PCMG can analyse your site usage profile and advise whether this is possible – contact us to find out more.

If your maximum demand exceeds your Available Capacity level, you will incur excess charges. Currently these charges are not significant, however significant penalties are going to be introduced from 1st April 2018 - contact us to speak to our electricity distribution policy experts and find out more.

The rate at which available capacity is charged fluctuates considerably depending on which part of the country you are in and how your site is connected to the network. In our experience, the available capacity rate is often charged incorrectly, and cost recoveries may be available even if you have a fixed price contract – contact us to find out how a forensic audit could help identify these recoveries.