Demand Side Response Battery Storage

DSR Battery Storage - What does it mean for your business?

The Issue

Increasing reliance on renewable energy (Wind Power and Solar) has increased the instability of our energy supplies as a nation.

The National Grid have created a number of schemes called Demand Side Response to incentivise business users to be more flexible in their consumption of electricity. Payments are available for large users who are able to turn down their demand for power at short notice such as furnaces, air handling units and freezers. If your business cannot turn down demand an alternative is a Battery Storage System.

The Approach

At PCMG we have relationships with National Grid Partners who aggregate the power usage of large numbers of users and manage the turn down to obtain the payments from the Grid.

In addition to arranging Battery Storage we can arrange fully funded battery schemes where base line demand is over 1MW of electricity and you will start seeing an income from DSR from day one.

We will analyse your usage and research the local Grid connectivity, available capacity and demand to put together a case for participation in the schemes.

We have access to a number of different options so will find the best deal for you and help you choose the right scheme and contract with the most suitable National Grid partner.

Payments will go direct to you and we will receive a small commission for our work in introducing and managing the implementation.


We have wide market knowledge and access to pricing from many sources. This coupled with our knowledge of the network capacities and demands means we are uniquely placed to find the right solution for large electricity using organisations in a complex and changing market.

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