DUoS - Distribution Use of System

What Is DUoS?

DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges are levied by the UK’s regional DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and go towards the operation, maintenance and development of the UK’s electricity distribution networks.

DUoS charges are made up of numerous elements including available capacity, standing charge and units (typically split into red, amber and green). DUoS charges are paid to the supplier who then passes them on to the relevant DNO. They may be visible on your bill, or built into your contracted rates.

How Can I Reduce My DUoS Costs?

Load management is important particularly if your DNO levies high DUoS charges within the ‘Red’ time band. If it is feasible within the context of your operations, it is often worth considering reducing your load at peak times.

Optimising your available capacity level is a common way of reducing your DUoS costs, you can read more about it on our available capacity page.

Cross-checking your DUoS charges against published rates is advised and could help you to identify overpayments. You can find the official charging statements for each DNO here:


Overall however, an electricity cost recovery audit is the best way to reduce your DUoS costs and identify historical overpayments. DUoS is an incredibly complex area of charging and this complexity is multiplied by numerous policy changes that have occurred over the years. Contact us to find out how our analysts, network engineers and policy experts can help you to understand this area of cost.

What If I Am Charged Under The EDCM?

If your site is connected at EHV (Extra High Voltage) or at HVS (High Voltage Substation), you will be charged site specific DUoS under the EDCM (Extra High Voltage Distribution Charging Methodology) which was introduced in April 2012.

If you have any sites that fall into this category, an electricity cost recovery audit is absolutely essential to identify overpayments and savings opportunities. Our analysts are experts on the EDCM and the methodologies used to calculate these charges.

We go deeper to identify errors in the ‘behind the scenes’ calculations including network use factors, network charging categories and FCP/LRIC nodal charges that quite simply cannot be found without highly specialised expertise. Contact us to find out more about how our expertise could help you to cut your DUoS costs.