Energy Procurement

The Issue

Energy Markets are complex and continually changing prices make it difficult for end users to be sure that they have the best deal when contracts are renewed.

A mistake when renewing a one two or three year contract can be very costly and the job of researching the market, issuing tenders to suppliers and analysing the responses is time consuming and requires in depth knowledge.

The Approach

At PCMG we see and are involved in the deals being done for hundreds of major users across the UK.

Therefore, we have a wide knowledge of pricing and contract terms which gives us the edge in negotiations with suppliers and enables us to present the figures to the suppliers in a way which will help the suppliers understand the energy usage and lead to the best terms and prices.

We also advise on contract length, fixed versus flexible and produce a short report in which we normalise the tender responses to aid the final decision.

We have relationships with a wide range of suppliers some of these deal only through third parties such as PCMG and often offer lower rates to reflect the efficiency which we bring to the whole process.

Our procurement services are usually provided at no charge to the client, we take a small sales commission from the supplier so there is no invoice to pay for the service we provide.


With unique knowledge of markets, pricing and hidden use of system charges and renewable taxes, PCMG is perfectly placed to manage the procurement process from start to finish. We'll ensure you make the right decision and fully understand your options when renewing electricity and gas supply contracts

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