Excess Capacity Charges

DCP 161 - What does it mean for your business?


Every half-hourly electricity meter in the UK has an agreed supply capacity (ASC). This kVA level is agreed with the local distribution network operator (DNO) and charged via your chosen supplier at the published rate. Presently there is no penalty if the ASC is exceeded. However this will change with the introduction by Ofgem of DCP 161, which will take effect from 1st April 2018.

What will change?

From this date DNOs will be levying penalty charges to try and discourage companies from exceeding their ASC, with the aim of assisting DNOs with balancing network usage. Where you are in the country dictates the magnitude of these additional charges with some areas having a double charge incurred.

What are the rates in my area?

Using the map below work out which DNO covers your area, then click on the table to see the corresponding rates.

Map of DNO licence areas, numbered using distributor IDs, and coloured by DNO.
Table illustrating how much higher the excess charge will be in each DNO region. The rates for each voltage tariff, Low Voltage Network (LVN), Low Voltage Substation (LVS) and High Voltage Network (HVN), are shown.

How can PCMG help?

PCMG can perform a thorough review of your portfolio to identify the precise risk factor at each of your sites as well as the value of any potential penalty charges. Using this information we will recommend actions that can be taken to ensure charges are avoided where possible and can pinpoint where costs may increase, so allowances can be made.

To arrange a review, or for more information regarding this or any of our other services, contact us today.