Feed In Tariff Cost Recovery From PCMG

What Are FIT Charges?

The Feed In Tariff scheme is a subsidy for renewable generators that was introduced in April 2010. The scheme is funded by payments from suppliers, which in turn are charged to customers.

In 2012, many electricity suppliers introduced FIT charges onto business customers’ bills, in some cases issuing invoices for retrospective charges.

How Do I Know If I'm Paying The Right Amount?

The FIT rate is highly variable as it is linked to the subsidies being issued to renewable generators. There is no published rate that can be easily compared on your invoice.

Our FIT charging model is built using data published by Ofgem and can be used to validate the costs that have been applied on your bills – it is not uncommon for costs to be overstated, and for a refund to be due. We use the FIT charging model as a standard part of our energy cost recovery audit. Contact us to find out more.

How Can I Forecast My Future FIT Charges?

Different energy suppliers offer different forecasts of future FIT levels and these can be massively variable.

Our FIT forecasting model takes into account the current level of installed renewable generation eligible for the FIT, long term weather forecasts and the current rate at which new generation is being installed. Contact us for support in forecasting future FIT charges.