PCMG Open Energy Consulting

Our transparent Open Energy Consultancy services help you to manage your energy expenditure and develop your own understanding of the ever-changing utilities landscape.

Spend Management

Invoice Validation

This may sound unremarkable but our best-in-industry software, combined with manual scrutiny by energy experts give you the reassurance that any errors are stopped on the spot, with steps taken to prevent them reoccurring.

Site Works

We support all aspects of Site Works through close project management ensuring contracts are optimised from conception, and timescales and budgets adhered to.

Dispute Management

We provide advice and support in relation to suppliers, DNOs and all associated third parties, supporting you with guidance on contractual and regulatory matters.

Spend Intelligence

Reporting and Analytics

Our Reporting & Analytics platform collates raw energy and water data into understandable business intelligence for you. The high-level view on your bespoke online dashboard enables you to review spend by utility/site, identify inefficiencies and compare expenditure to budget.

Usage Monitoring

The Usage Monitoring service solves the various problems of managing a sizeable estate’s energy usage. Giving you full control, we establish usage benchmarks and targets per site, provide alerts when these are breached, and deliver a monthly executive report including a league table of your sites’ performances.

Commodity and Regulatory Market Intelligence

To provide a comprehensive picture of the ever-changing energy market, we provide a weekly Commodity Market Intelligence report. An expert commentary on the current and future state of the energy and gas markets gives insight into where the market is heading, so the right decisions on your energy strategy are made.

Our weekly Regulatory Policy Market Intelligence is of growing importance each year with ever-increasing non-commodity charges and terminology constantly evolving. It uses years of research, coupled with an understanding of regulatory changes and their forecasted impact to ensure you remain fully abreast.

Procurement & Sourcing

Energy Procurement

Being fully independent, you can be sure that our Energy Procurement service is entirely customer centric. We work with you to set and execute a strategy most suited to your estate and attitude to risk. Managing the entire tendering process including negotiating prices and terms and conditions, we will secure the outcome most suited to your organisation.


Building upon your previous achievements and reviewing historical industry trends, our Insight Service plots previous energy procurement costs against PCMG’s own industry benchmarks. Performance of same sector organisations within the same parameters will also be fed back.

Energy Services Sourcing

Unlike other companies, we don’t just procure energy. Our Energy Services Sourcing allows access to our expertise across any other supply chain costs, including metering, DC/DA and BMS.

Training & Development

We offer a programme of tailored training courses designed to empower your organisation to improve energy management practices, reduce costs and cut down carbon emissions. Courses are delivered on site, in an interactive format, covering topics such as energy regulation energy cost analysis and water management. Should an issue arise outside the training schedule, our energy helpdesk will connect you directly to our experts.

Consulting & Strategic Transformation

Energy Strategy Plan

To deliver a full Energy Strategy Plan, we interview key stakeholders to understand your business and how energy is used throughout your estate. This will detail consumption spends and trends plus high level saving initiatives and insight into high value / low cost measures.

Energy Management Transformation

Energy Management Transformation by PCMG empowers you to navigate the industry and reduce reliance upon suppliers, brokers and other third parties who may be unable to give unbiased advice. Here we carry out interviews and analyse your data and contracts, for a comprehensive review of your internal and external processes, to in turn allow us to create a bespoke plan.

Alternative Sourcing

Covering both energy and water, we’ll review potential options for your Alternative Sourcing requirements and report back the strategic feasibility and options available. This could include on-site generation options as well as renewable energy sources.

If you are having an issue with your energy expenditure, you can speak to a member of our team today to organise an audit. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in saving money, as well as formulating an effective energy strategy for the future.