The Issue

A convergence of Telecoms and Information Technology means that the dividing line between these two disciplines is becoming increasingly blurred, with organisations finding that a consolidated management approach is highly beneficial. Our job is to restore financial health and maintain it for the future by looking deeper at your operational expenditure and thoroughly checking every detail.

The Approach

By analysing your expenditure in these areas, our specialists in cost management will work alongside your team to identify and stop cashflow leaks in their tracks. We then recover your money and optimise future arrangements.

Each of these activities are composed of a flexible grouping of services to be tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation, and can be provided as a one-time audit or a longer term managed services offering.


The expertise gathered over 25 years of looking deeper into our clients’ telecoms & IT spend has secured over £244m in refunds and savings . Our suite of tools allow us to deliver everything from a focused Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit or Point-in-time Software Audit to an end-to-end suite of Telecoms Managed Services or even outsourcing of your Software Asset Management needs.