Modernise and Save

The Issue

Upgrading communications infrastructure from an ISDN based system can be a complex task for most businesses, however the lack of flexibility, excessive cost and lack of control over your phone lines inherent within an ISDN based system is driving most businesses to explore upgrading to a hosted SIPS based system. With ISDN services due to be phased out over the next coming years the time has never been better to seek out specialist assistance to guide you through the process of upgrading.

The benefits to upgrading from an ISDN based communications infrastructure to a hosted SIP based system are enormous:

Cheaper – With a Sip based system you can make more calls and still make a sizeable cost saving. Typical savings from moving from an ISDN based system to a SIPS system are in the region of 25-50%

Greater Flexibility and Responsiveness – You can easily respond to the changing needs of your business by scaling up lines or removing them immediately to fit with your demand. With a SIP based system you are able to keep your existing numbers even if your business moves premises or opens new offices.

Improved Reliability – In the unfortunate event that you experience a business continuity emergency you will be able to reroute calls to back up sites quickly and easily avoiding disruption.

The Approach

We will provide you with a single point of contact to project manage the complex end to end process. We will work with you to create a full inventory of your telecoms infrastructure and work alongside you to scope out your requirements. We will complete a full tendering process on your behalf ensuring that the maximum amount of suppliers respond, on completion of that exercise we will present the responses to you in a like for like way so you can easily decide which offer is best for you. Once you have chosen a solution that is best fit for you we will liaise with the supplier of your choice to ensure migration is successful.


The expertise gathered over 25 years of looking deeper into our clients’ telecoms & IT spend has secured over £244m in refunds and savings. We are partnered with all of the major IP telephony providers ensuring that you will be provided with a solution that is both aligned with your budget and tailored to your specific requirements.