Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit

At the core of our offering; a 6-year audit of historical and current voice, mobile, data, leasing and maintenance billing, to identify cost recovery and ongoing savings opportunities. We’ll also manage and resolve any disputes on your behalf.

We will analyse all data, line by line, using a combination of expert auditors, proprietary analysis software and site surveys carried out by ex-BT Engineers.

The PCMG Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit

The audit is in three stages:

  • Data collation: We obtain all the billing data we need from your suppliers and load it into our proprietary analysis systems
  • Analysis: We’ll examine every single line of data for billing and set up errors and other cost recovery opportunities. Our service also includes checking the compliance of your contracts and tariffs and confirming your telecoms inventory with you
  • Cost recovery: We’ll produce, submit and agree all claims with your supplier

A Supporting Network of Data and Expertise – For the Best Results

Our Telecoms Audit is supported by our proprietary database of invoice and tariff structures, widely accepted as being more comprehensive than that of leading suppliers. We stay ahead of the game to deliver the deepest insight under the surface of your telecoms expenditure.

Our clients will enjoy an average of 6-8% saving across their telecoms spend, though we will typically add a further 12-24% to that if a site audit is carried out.

Since we work on a share of savings basis, you will not pay up front for an audit. Each client will receive a detailed report on all findings, including any liabilities, in order for important decisions to then be made on the claims to be pursued. We provide a complete end-to-end service using our dedicated data collation, analysis and cost recovery teams, maximising the impact on your bottom line but minimising your team's resource.