The Issue

Many companies are slowly bleeding precious cash through telecoms billing errors and hidden contract anomalies. Our job is to restore financial health and maintain it for the future by looking deeper at your operational expenditure and thoroughly checking every detail.

The Approach

With our team of leading specialists in this complex area of cost management, we work alongside your team to identify and stop cashflow leaks in their tracks. We then recover your money and optimise future arrangements.

Our Telecoms Managed Services, which includes our Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) offer will then deliver complete, ongoing visibility of your fixed and mobile telecoms assets, across multiple sites and territories if required, to ensure it is as lean and effective as it can be on a permanent basis.


The expertise gathered over 25 years of looking deeper into our clients’ telecoms spend has secured over £244m in refunds and savings. It all means that we’re uniquely qualified to deliver everything from a focused Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit to an end-to-end suite of Telecoms Managed Services.