Your Industry – Financial Services

Your Challenges

Fast-growing reliance upon the internet for international information exchange is unfolding within a climate of national consolidation and branch closures for Finance Professionals.

The challenge is global: How to respond appropriately to the technological change? How to ensure data compliance and security? How to keep costs under control?

Our Solutions

Our Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit comes with no risk attached, given that there is no upfront cost associated with it. Give your entire voice, mobile, data, leasing and maintenance programme a clean bill of financial health, by returning cash to your organisation and giving you a clear picture of your estate, within every territory you are active.

Our Telecoms Managed Services will then ensure this clear picture is maintained, even as your systems and infrastructure expand and contract to keep pace with demand. Talk to us about how our Spend Management and Procurement and Sourcing Services will ensure the right controls are in place, without getting in the way of your business ambitions.

Our Track Record

By looking below the surface of our clients’ energy and telecoms expenditure in the financial services sector, we’ve delivered nearly £50m in recoveries and savings since 1993, which is equivalent the profit generated in a year from enough new retail banking customers to more than fill each and every Premiership football ground in England.