Your Industry - Manufacturing

Your Challenges

A global industry with an equally global supply chain presents a complex outlook for Utilities and Telecoms  Managers. From an energy and water perspective, it’s likely that you’re an intensive user and need to control costs, on every site you manufacture.

An expanding or contracting estate across numerous territories, with a very mobile staff body might be the scenario from a telecoms perspective. It could be very difficult to feel confident that you have full visibility of everything.

Our Solutions

With an Energy or Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit, your business can benefit from a clean bill of financial health as well as return cash to your organisation. We can subsequently recommend our Open Energy Consulting or Telecoms Managed Services offer, to not just identify and correct errors on the spot but equip your teams to engage with the full extent of the challenges your business is facing with confidence.

Our Track Record

By looking deeper into expenditure in the manufacturing sector, we’ve delivered nearly £46m in recoveries and savings since 1993; the equivalent profit delivered by the sale of an extra 10,600 small cars for a car manufacturer or, for a white goods manufacturer, the equivalent profit from the sale of an extra 305,000 washing machines.

Contact us if you’d like more information on how we can partner with you to meet the cost challenges presented by your manufacturing business.