CCS Debt Resolution Services RM6226

(Lot 17 Utilities, Lot 18 Telecoms)

Your Challenges

With some of the largest and most diverse estates and a drive to consolidate facilities and reduce staffing, you have a significant challenge to establish and retain a clear picture of your energy or telecoms costs. You may be looking to manage the intricacies of hardware redundancy within your telecoms portfolio or reduce your energy expenditure. Partner with us to navigate the challenges with complete confidence

Our Solutions

Regain control of your portfolio, give your expenditure a clean bill of financial health and return cash to your organisation, with an Energy or Telecoms Cost Recovery Audit. Typically we’ll review the last 6 years’ billing data, combining this with site visits to really get under the surface of your facilities’ costs. We’ll identify overcharges and cost saving opportunities, explaining the issues that have contributed along the way. Finally, we’ll secure all refunds with your suppliers on your behalf.

Our Track Record

By looking deeper into public sector expenditure, we’ve secured over £60m in recoveries and savings for Central Government, Local Government, Universities and NHS trusts in the past six years alone. Take a look at our recovery tables to see how we've helped hundreds of Public Sector organisations:

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