Accounts Payable

Our Accounts Payable specialism is at the heart of what we do. By employing the leading specialists in this complex area of cost management, we’ll identify and stop cashflow leaks, seek to recover your money and optimise future arrangements.

The Issue

Many companies are slowly bleeding precious cash through invoicing errors and overpayments to suppliers. Accounts Payable auditing is the first line of defence for an organisation wishing to stop this in its tracks.

The Approach

Our first step in tackling this is a forensic, 3-stage Accounts Payable Audit of historical spend, with the aim of identifying errors to provide a ‘clean bill of financial health ’. We then secure the associated refunds on your behalf.

These valuable refunds will boost cashflow, generate funding and alleviate budgetary pressure. We’ll then explain the historical and ongoing risks that have contributed, so you have a clearer insight into your Accounts Payable function and are able to avoid errors in the future.


We will begin by first understanding your company’s culture – we always find it’s far more revealing to work directly with you, understanding the day-to-day practices, relationships and people.

By working this way, we will maximise recoveries and ultimately have the most constructive dialogue with you around building resilience within your teams to uncover and resolve future errors and overpayments.