IT Software Asset Audit

For a point-in-time audit of license usage for a focussed software vendor, we can work with you to provide a view of actual usage vs purchased licenses, to allow recovery and re-allocation of unused licenses, or identify the best purchasing option to bring you back to compliance.

As we do with the Telecoms Audit, we will analyse all data, line by line, using a combination of expert auditors and analysis software.

The PCMG IT Software Audit

The audit is in three stages:

  • Data collation: We obtain all the license purchase and usage data we need from you and load it into our analysis systems
  • Analysis: We’ll examine every single line of data for errors, over-subscription and other cost recovery opportunities, and analyse any  compliancy issues.
  • Optimisation and Compliancy: We’ll produce a report of status, with suggestions for cost recovery or achieving compliancy

Specialists in Vendor Licensing

PCMG and partners can provide independent specialist auditors to review each major vendor licensing usage, with SAP and Oracle experts supplementing the core Microsoft-experienced team.

Each client will receive a detailed report on all findings, including any liabilities, in order for important decisions to then be made re-allocation or compliancy. Our end-to-end service using our dedicated data collation, analysis and optimisation teams, maximising the impact on your bottom line but minimising your team's resource.